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Rank Monitoring

Track how your keywords rank in Google in any language. Get local results. Ranks are updated daily. Keep track of how competitors rank on your keywords. Get search volume for every keyword in your project.

Onpage Optimization

Keep track of your keywords and landingpages. Easily organise keywords by landingpage, or by common keywords. Get a full onpage optimization report. Integration with Google Analytics gives you new keyword prospects.

Tasks and Experiments

Create tasks, and assign to other team members. Once completed, tasks turn in to experiments. Experiments tracks the result of on page optimization, and visualises what works - And what does not.

What people think of us


We are happy to use TinyRocketLab for SEO on our website agera.dk. It eases our work, and saves us a lot of time.


Of all the rank trackers I’ve tried, TinyRocketLab is the simplest and least time-consuming. This means a lot to me and my organization who manage a lot of large web sites and track hundreds of keywords.


What I’m looking for in a piece of rank tracking software is simplicity and accuracy. Tiny Rocket Lab meets these criteria. The design is Scandinavian, i.e. aesthetically pleasing as well as highly intuitive. And the pricing model strikes me as fair.

When I teach entrepreneurs how to do SEO, I always recommend using TinyRocketLab to monitor their keywords. It’s simply the easiest keyword monitoring tool on the market to use.

The Rocket is set up in minutes and perform the monitoring every day hereafter. These arguments is not just important to get started but also to use the monitoring proactively to get better rankings.

Maj Wismann

As Online Business Mentor for several entrepreneurs TinyRocketLab is
the absolute best and easiest to use tool for both beginners and
hardcore SEO folks. I´ve tried several other ranktrackers and there
is no doubt: Tiny is the best, and I can´t recommend it enough to my
students. And I also use it everyday in my own business to.


We use Tinyrocketlab almost every day. It helps us keep track of our rankings, to know where our focus should be. It is easy to setup and use, and give us only the data we need. A must have for all e-commerce stores.

It is important for our marketing team to keep track of our rankings and marketing effort. TinyRocketLab is the best web based rank tracker out there. We can easily and daily see the sites progress and take action on the pages and keywords that does not perform well. At Cykelpartner.dk we have thousands of pages, and we are tracking nearly the same amount of keywords. TinyRocketLab makes it easy to do so.