Measure title tag length in pixels

April 2, 2014 9:06 pm

The new black in SEO is, that you have to measure your title tag length in pixels, and not count characters.

Untill recently, the advice has been, that you should keep your title tags shorter than 65-70 characters, in order to avoid them from being truncated in Google’s SERPs.

However, it seems that Google is now counting pixels, and not characters. Hence that, we have made a change in the Onpage SEO Module in Tiny Rocket Lab. Now we’re showing pixel length of your title tags, instead of character count. There seems to be an understanding in the industry, that titletags shouldn’t be longer than 512 pixels, if you dont want them to be shortened in serps.

You should remember, that a titletag longer than 512 pixels doesnt mean, that Google doesnt look at words after 512 pixels. If you make longer title tags, your keywords are still indexed, and counted in, when your rankings are calculated by Google.


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